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Theresa Sporko( AFAA, NASM PT, PiYo Strength ~ TurboKick ~ Hip Hop Hustle ~ Insanity ~ Bootcamp ~ VGroove Co-Founder)
Her fitness career began in 1988. Both Theresa and her sister made a pact to attend a weekly Jazzercise class so they could stay connected. Theresa loved the format so much that she wanted MORE! First she got certified as a Jazzercise Instructor and within a few years became AFAA certified to explore her fitness opportunities. In 2004 Theresa met Jojo (Joann Hanson) in one of her Cardio Dance classes... and boy did Jojo have some HOT moves. Their chemistry was so strong that they started teaching and choreographing routines together. 

Joann Hanson(AKA Jojo - Shakey Shakey Master DJ, AFAA, VGroove Program Owner)
Teaches: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (Mid Oct - April)
In 2001, Jojo started to teach kickboxing, but felt she needed another form of exercise to "keep it fresh". She took Theresa's Cardio Dance class and completely fell in love. With the lights turned off and no judgment to be found, Jojo found herself slowing coming out of her shell. Shaking, dancing and droppin' it low proved she absolutely had to become a part of VGroove Fitness. Jojo started subbing for Theresa's classes and then expanded VGroove to Southbury, CT in 2011. Jojo continues to bring hot new dance moves inspired by your favorite artists (ie: Pitbull, FloRida, Ciara, etc.). Constantly researching the hottest songs (prior to being on the radio), Jojo ensures VGroove's music is MORE than a party. Jojo continues to inspire others to come out of their shell and realize that life is too short to worry about what people think. Jojo is now a business partner at VGroove Fitness, LLC.
Kerry Peterson(KY, AFAA, Fitness Coach)
Teaches Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (Mid Oct -April)
Being a dancer Kerry immediately became addicted to JoJo's cardio dance class. Two days wasn't enough so she started going to other gyms to take the class five days a week! She was inspired by JoJo's enthusiasm and constant positive energy and was delighted when asked to be a part of VGroove. Kerry has a background in choreography and was the captain of the Eastern Connecticut State University Competitive Dance Team for two years. Kerry feels extremely fortunate to be working with such a wonderful, positive and talented group of women. Kerry continues to contribute to the cutting edge routines you see monthly!

Amanda Adams (Hair Flipper, Hip Hop Hustle, Turbo Kick)
A VGroover since she was 10! Over the course of 12 years she has grown to value the importance of always finding time and enjoyment in fitness. Her comic relief really adds to the spunk and fun of each class! Amanda always has great tips and song recommendations which help keep VGroove fun and fresh! Amanda is a business partner at VGroove Fitness LLC.
Michelle Dacunha(Bubble Butt, AFAA)
Michelle found that other dance fitness classes just didn't "do it" for her anymore. She needed something more than a party! Inspired by Jojo, Michelle took the initiative to inquire as to how to become a VGroove Cardio Dancer. After getting AFAA certified, she became an instructor teaching VGroove Dance Fitness at several gyms!
Megan Reddinger(AFAA, TurboKick, R.I.P.P.E.D., Fitness Coach)
Teaches @ Blast Fitness, Middlebury CT ~ Tuesday and Wednesday
Megan has been involved in sports and fitness almost all of her life.  She has competed in gymnastics, swimming, diving, softball, skiing, and track & field.  She has also coached other athletes in these areas. It was only natural that this passion continued into her adult life. Since she never liked the traditional gym workouts, Megan looked for something different and found it with VGroove. She first tried TurboKick in 2010, and immediately loved the energy that Theresa and Kristen brought to the class. It was their same energy that convinced her to try Cardio Dance and help her discover her“inner dancer.” She became a VGroove Instructor in 2011 when she became certified in TurboKick, but continued to want more. She is now a fitness coach through AFAA, and certified to teach TurboKick, R.I.P.P.E.D.,and H.I.I.T. Bootcamps. She continues to love to show others that they can reach their fitness goals while never having to do a traditional gym workout!
Sarah Rizk(Hot n' Spicy)
It all started with a slap to da bootay... and Sarah instantly became a VGroover. Another shaker in the group, Sarah knows HOW to move. Muscle memory should be her nickname. Do a dance once with her, and she will never forget. When she pops that bootay everyone is inspired to try it too. Sarah encourages everyone to dance and makes them feel welcome in all classes she attends. 
Fernanda Pedro Ribeiro Bulhoes (Brazilian Mama)
I am Fernanda and I represent VGroove in Brazil. I feel so blessed to  a part of this amazing group of girls... They have been my light and support. I teach Zumba(r) in Brazil but got my certifications in the USA. Currently I teach 10 classes a week. VGroove has shown me that anything and everything is possible and I encourage you to believe in yourself! I currently hold a license to teach Zumba(r), Zumba(r) Sentao, Zumbatomic(r) and I have created another form of dance fitness similar to VGroove called CiaParty. If anyone comes to visit Brazil, please contact me to find out classes and more information. Cheers!! Beijos!

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